Tidbits: Light of Day Organics at University of Michigan Unions

After first discovering the possibility last month, then confirming with the owner and obtaining permission to promote, finally earlier this month I had announced that The University of Michigan Unions had contracted with Light of Day Organics to provide them with loose leaf tea for beverage sales. Well, now the Fall 2015 Semester is all but upon us and with it, those rumored teas will finally be available! There’s been barista training as well as sampling for a few flavors here and there, but apart from my blog the new teas haven’t really been advertised as yet.


LODO @ Bert's by Jocilyn Mors is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License
LODO @ Bert’s by Jocilyn Mors is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Today i was able to grab a photo and a compile a list (which may or may not be complete, though my guess is it more or less is) of the teas that will generally be available. From the looks of it, the loose leaf will likely be kept in glass jars (so as to assist speedy sales, tea longevity not necessarily withstanding), and thus served in much the same way as it is at Espresso Royale. Though, honestly i don’t know this for a fact, it may simply be for advertisement. Also, I’ve reproduced the Blender’s descriptions and images for the teas below without permission this time (shame on me :/). As you can probably guess, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Jocilyn Wagner or Parting.gifts. Finally, the links will send you to the smallest available size at LODO for that specific tea. There are always larger and more expensive sizes available on their site.

The finalists include:

Just Plain Green

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Ceylon’s finest Green Tea”

Blender’s Notes:  Simple, subtle, refreshing, no icky “seaweed” taste… a good one for beginners of Green Tea exploration…forgiving and absolutely fantastic quality. Grown on a Biodynamic  Estate in Sri Lanka.”


Creamy Earl Grey

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Fair Trade Black Tea, Blue Cornflowers, Lavender, Vanilla, Calendula Petals, Oil of Bergamot”

Blender’s Notes: This award-winning favorite continues to please… like no other Earl Grey you have ever had…just SUPERB!!. Farm-made OIl of Bergamot and Vanilla. Naturally caffeinated.”


Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Rooibos, Chrysanthemum, Chamomile, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla”

Blender’s Notes: This relaxing Rooibos-based blend is lightly sweet and highly vanilla-y! Perfect for paving the way for a good-night’s sleep or an afternoon nap. Rooibos is a central-nervous system relaxant.  Naturally caffeine-free.”

Happy Spleen Green

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Green Tea, Orange, Apple, Pear, Mango, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Calendula”

Blender’s Notes: This is a Mango and Citrus Green Tea, with a Sri Lankan Biodynamic base that was hand- blended to completion with the intent of supporting generation of everything from fresh ideas to healthy new cells. It’s all happening in this 2nd Chakra center….we hope you feel inspired!”

Almond Oolong

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Shui Xiang Oolong Tea,  Red Top Clover,  Almond slivers”

Blender’s Notes: Peachy-notes. A deeply oxidized Oolong tea that is naturally caffeinated. Blended with our certified Biodynamic Red Top Clover blossoms and with California-grown Almond slivers. This is one of our favorite teas for summertime iced tea.”

Red Raspberry Green

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Green Tea, Raspberries, Hibiscus”

Blender’s Notes: Light pink liquor, this is a sight ot behold…natural pale green leaves contrast the bright red raspberries and hibiscus flowes. Slightly tart on the tongue. Great choice for iced tea.”


Tulsi Citrus Soother

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Tulsi herb, Green Rooibos, Pink Peppercorns, Cardamom, Lemongrass, Orange, Ginger, Green Tea Gunpowder Perls, Calendula Petals”

Blender’s Notes: This tea captures the essence of India itself with staple medicinal herbs and spices from this land. A pleasantly spicy throat-soother with a warm finish. Mildly citrus.”


 Heartwarming Cinnamon

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Fair Trade Rooibos, Apple, Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom”

Blenders Notes: The most delicious Cinnamon “tea” you have ever experienced! Naturally caffeine-free.”


Coffee Convert

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Black Tea”

Blender’s Notes: A full-bodied malty Assam “Irish Breakfast” style brew. This is a classic to know and love! Naturally highly caffeinated.”

Cherry Mint

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Michigan-grown White Tea buds and leaves, Montmorency Cherry, Hibiscus, Spearmint, Peppermint, Maple Syrup bits”

“Blender’s Notes: A lightly colored pink infusion of delicate new growth tea leaves, and subtle cherry, mint and tart notes from the Hibiscus. White tea grown here on our certified Biodynamic farm is used in this special blend. Naturally lightly-caffeinated.”


Enlightened White

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients: White Tea buds and leaves, Tangerine, Orange, Lotus petals”

Blender’s Notes: A lightly colored infusion of delicate new growth tea leaves, and subtle citrus notes. White tea grown here on our certified Biodynamic farm is used in this special blend. Naturally lightly-caffeinated.”


Lemony Ginger Sunshine

“100% Certified Organic Ingredients:  Lemon peel, Chicory root, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Lemon Myrtle, Orange peel, Hibiscus, Cinnamon and Coriander

“Blender’s Notes: Just like its name..very lemon-y and ginger-y. Dark liquor from the roasted chicory root (we grow and roast right here). This is what I blended up and used often while pregnant for morning sickness and the choice of many suffering from nausea after chemotherapy or during the flu. This is an excellent choice hot or iced. Chakra #3 of our Chakra collection to address Solar Plexus-area issues. Naturally caffeine-free.”


Twelve! *punches the air* I am bouncing off the walls like Rapunzel in excitement. xD

So far, I have only tried Just Plain Green, Creamy Earl Grey, Red Raspberry Green and Enlightened White for myself. They’re all just exquisite and promise to knock your socks off (whether you’re experienced with tea or not). Although I haven’t reviewed any of these teas as yet (my LODO Incursion has been delayed a bit since their wares are very expensive and they’re not a vendor that sells tea by sample size), I very highly recommend checking out Enlightened White and Creamy Earl Grey at your first opportunity. For myself, I’ll probably do something completely ridiculous and order a cup of every single one (so as to make recommendations) the day they become available. Namaste~

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