Kenyan Black Tea with Lemon ~ Ajiri

I needed to take the morning off today and run out to Plymouth for something, so I thought I’d stop in at TranquiliTea briefly and check out what’s new for the summer. I did find a couple of fun things for myself that I might end up blogging about later, but my main purpose was to replace the depleted office communal tea tray. I managed to find this adorable hand-crafted little African art box with even more adorable tea bags and satchel called “Ajiri Tea”.  Ajiri advertises on the lid that 100% of the profits go to supporting Western Kenyan orphan education. Even if the tea sucks, that alone got my attention. See their website linked above for more adorable images.



Except it didn’t.  It turns out, Ajiri is one of the most lovely non-Asian black teas I’ve ever had.  It’s aroma is like stepping into a lemon orchard(?); not at all like those awful “lemon scented” cleaning products.  The flavor is also heavily lemon, though there’s a noticeable crisp black tea sub layer. Usually with Asian and South Asian black teas a definite harsh/bitter palate is present and  needs to be enjoyed or supplemented, but in this case the bitter texture is all but absent.  A delightful surprise.  Very highly recommended.

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