Thai Bisto of Canton’s Thai Tea

My nose is stuffed up.  Normally such a thing isn’t exactly the end of the world.  However, when you write a daily tea blog things can get dicey. In a way this a good thing: when I get a cold or a stuffed nose it means I can’t justify spending money on tea for a while.  So this post is going to be something of a cop out–both because I don’t trust my sense of smell right now, and because i don’t usually rate tea served at a restaurant.  Yet, in working toward compiling a definitive Top 100-style list, I realized I needed to create a new post label (category?) specifically for iced teas.  I’m kind of two minds about it, naturally. On the one hand, I like iced tea (I like all teas except freeze dried generic/Lipton) and I’ve blogged about it.  On the other… does it really constitute a 10th variety of tea? ^^;;

So getting back to the restaurant thing.  A while back I wrote this review on my phone while dining and since I can’t smell today, it seems like the perfect time to post it. As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Thai Tea (and Thai food as well!). Thai Bistro (of Canton)’s thai tea blends into a luscious V8 color. Oftentimes Thai tea is full-bodied and high in caffeine since it’s usually a black tea blend. Thai Bistro’s however is more like a white or green tea in texture and overall taste. The cream, which really makes or breaks a Thai Tea imho, is really pure and here only enough has been used to blend homogeneously without detracting from the flavor. Although I can’t compare at this moment to Thai Teas from other local restaurants (I can only think of the taste of one or two others), I would say Thai Bistro’s is nearly the best I’ve ever tasted, rivaling even high end tea rooms.

Oh, and for those who might be interested, the food at Thai Bistro of Canton is really excellent too. Check it out if you haven’t already!

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