Sarsaparilla Summer Herbal ~ TranquiliTea

It would not be an understatement to suggest I’ve tried a lot of teas. However, I’ve yet to come across an actual root beer flavored tea.  I love hand crafted root beers and root beer flavored candy, gum, etc. (Bottle Caps FTW). But i’m still looking for a root beer flavored tea (owing no doubt to the difficulty in incorporating saccharine sweetness into a tea), but TranquiliTea‘s Sarsaparilla Summer Herbal is the first time I’ve seen it attempted.  Anyway, it’s a great Summer Is Here celebratory tea (unless of course you live somewhere where that’s not the case at the moment).

The fun thing about Sarsaparilla Summer Herbal is that it actually looks like root beer (that is to say it has the same color)!  That is unfortunately kinda where the similarity dies. From a glance at the loose leaves, it looks to have some orange peel mixed in?  The brewed aroma is bizarre: kind of a weak sarsaparilla meets bean soup bouquet.  The taste is somehow even stranger.  In terms of how much it resembles root beer, if you were to take one of the more boring overly homogenized root beers such as Barqs or MUG, allow it to become completely flat and room temperature (say, if you were to leave an opened bottle in your car) it would be similar to this.  But actually, when you first taste Sarsaparilla Summer Herbal, it’s nothing so much as the taste of green beans…  Though, there is a faint licorice aftertaste. I can’t really say this tea is a success unless your idea of summer resembles my mother’s (with much time spent gardening).

There is still some redeeming novelty value though for making the attempt, and in the end it’s definitely hard to rival in terms of its uniqueness.

I wonder if I have enough change for a Bill’s root beer…

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