Island Green ~ Charleston

I’ve previously reviewed one other example of Charleston’s all-American grown tea, so I was excited when I was given the chance to snatch up another variety of their rare tea (without spending too terribly much).

Today’s Island Green is a very unique experience in that it’s rare to encounter Green teas grown in North America. The caffeine content is lower, the antioxidant content is lower and there appears to be a more balanced sweetness versus bitterness to this variety. Thus, interestingly its taste is perhaps closer to a Black than a Green? In scent, Island Green is a wonderfully aromatic floral/chlorophyllic Green, which comes through well even though I believe I managed to burn it slightly. Although there isn’t necessarily anything about Island Green I’d call “stellar”, it’s highly drinkable and just want i needed to help perk me up this morning.

The only thing that really bugs me so far about Charleston Tea Plantation is its status as a bought-out subsidiary of Bigelow… I’m less than a fan of Bigelow, but I won’t get into why at this juncture.

  1. Aroma – 90
  2. Taste – 80
  3. Texture – 79
  4. Spunk – 90
  5. Price – 90
  6. Availability – 92
  7. Appearance – 85

Mean score – 87

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