Lady Cora’s Evening Tea ~ Republic of Tea

I laughed out loud when I first heard that Masterpiece Classics and Carnival films were teaming up with a tea company to offer a few Downton Abbey-themed teas. “Limited Edition. When it’s gone, it’s gone!” is proudly emblazoned on the lid. I roll my eyes. Actually, every tea is unique from every other tea, and unique even between harvests of the same plant in the same year… but i digress. I changed my mind about the ridiculousness of the celebrity endorsement when I realised the company Masterpiece had gone with was The Republic of Tea (who rarely does a poor job). Finally I gave in and decided to purchase one of the three Downton Abbey teas when a shopkeeper I trust(ed) told me she’d tried them and found them nice.

Lady Cora’s Evening Tea, as the name suggests is caffeine-free tisane. Lady Cora’s has a powerfully strong aroma of honey and lavender, but fortunately for me it doesn’t actually have honey. What it does have is lemon balm, linden flower, orange blossom, chamomile (I think I’d rather have the caffeine), lavender, skullcap, passion flower and valerian root. The flavor and texture are definitely well balanced, but hardly exceptional. I think the combination of so many Herbal flavors can dull the specific notes, and that’s sadly the case here too. I can taste the lavender and the chamomile and a hint of the lemon balm, but that’s about it. Blends are blends and I guess I’m asking too much to be able to detect all the various notes in a tea that’s steeped at boiling. On top of all that, despite the price and canister presentation, Lady Cora’s isn’t actually loose leaf, it’s CTC round satchel. Congratulations Republic of Tea, you’ve totally sold out and let me down in process. *sigh*

  1. Aroma – 89
  2. Taste – 87
  3. Texture – 75
  4. Spunk – 66
  5. Price – 75
  6. Availability – 60
  7. Appearance – 60

Mean score – 73


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