Maple Harvest Black ~ TranquiliTea

As far as I’m aware I’ve never before encountered a tea that tried to simulate a maple flavor before… until now.

Maple Harvest Black by TranquiliTea is a relatively smokey Ceylon. In aroma, Maple Harvest comes across as fairly nutty and caramely sweet. In texture I’d call it a medium grit for an Indian Black. Though, it’s probably not fair to compare a Ceylon to an Indian Black–Sri Lanka has totally ideal weather for growing tea, they pluck all year round and manufacture differently.  Flavorwise, Maple Harvest definitely lives up to its name. I’m reminded of the taste of burnt-coffee and maple leaf cookies with a dab of citrus (kind of a bittersweet memory in that i can’t have cookies anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any local bakery make gluten-free maple cookies. :/). For some reason I love trying really crazy flavored teas, but in the end Maple Harvest wasn’t one of them. It’s a perfectly lovely Black I’d definitely recommend.

I’ve actually been thinking about that region a lot today: this morning i received a book printed in “Ceylon” (it was from 1971) and it was definitely the first time I’d ever seen that name used correctly when not in reference to tea. Today there is no such place. But Sri Lankan tea is still correctly referred to as “Ceylon”.

  1. Aroma – 90
  2. Taste – 88
  3. Texture – 83
  4. Spunk – 89
  5. Price – 98
  6. Availability – 89
  7. Appearance – 75

Mean score – 87% satisfaction

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