Pomegranate Tereré Yerba Mate ~ Guayaki

Image reproduced without permission. Image Copyright © 2015 Vitacost.com. All rights reserved.

I don’t end up drinking much Yerba Mate because it has a tendency to give me headaches, but that doesn’t mean i should abstain and deprive my blog readers the chance to get some Yerba Mate advice. ;)

To round out Iced Tea season I decided to pick up a bottle of Guayaki‘s Yerba Mate Iced Tea. I’d see them on the shelf for years and had no idea if they were any good. And actually, i still don’t. I really don’t have anything to necessarily compare this to. I do like the idea of drinking Yerba Mate as a bottled Iced Tea however, since i was first introduced to it as an ingredient in smoothies.

Guayaki’s Pomegranate Tereré isn’t bad. It has spunk, but it’s also kind of an acquired taste (not that most everything i post on here isn’t…^^). It’s muddy and fruity and a bit tart and doesn’t sit well with my stomach. In the case of Guayaki’s Yerba Mate the grit really doesn’t go away–it sits on your tongue and in your throat like putty. I don’t think necessarily a bad thing at all. Interestingly enough, Guayaki has a “happiness scale” on the back of the bottle. I found this to be highly ironic since, some of you might remember all my previous blog sites before this one were called “Happiness Buh-rometer” in honor of Oh My Goddess!’s Senbei character and the appropriation of the word “buh” by the Dirty Kids at my high school. Guayaki’s scale is as follows: “Mighty; Glowing; Lifted; Bright; Light” with Pomegranate Tereré falling into what they define as being “Glowing”. Honestly, i have no idea what that means. I always found the Yerba Mate “happiness” effect to be completely arbitrary and rarely useful for myself. A lot of the times, the resulting headache i received from drinking Yerba Mate was enough to put me into a completely pissy, arrogant asshole state of mind. Not exactly “happiness giving”. -_-;; Hopefully such is not the case for you.

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